False Accusations Lie Detector Test

Have you been wrongly accused of doing something that you genuinely didn’t do?

Is your reputation on the line? Have you been accused of something that you just didn’t do? Is it ruining your life?

Theft, infidelity, fraud, rape, there are an almost infinite number of actions you can be wrongly accused of at any given moment. Very often, the proof of your wrong doing is not even needed, just the accusation alone is enough to destroy your reputation, marriage or career. Countless celebrities and sports stars have seen their careers ended by false accusations. If you are innocent a lot is at stake, it is vital you clear your name, and relieve yourself of the burden of guilt which has been wrongly placed on your shoulders. All it takes to make the situation go away is a EyeDetect lie detector test from us. If you’ve done nothing wrong, book a test and get your reputation back today.

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It's no surprise that rape allegations gain a lot of attention. Rape and sexual assault  are serious, disgusting and inhumane crimes worthy of the highest punishment. Unfortunately in recent times, falsely accusing others of this is becoming more and more popular. This may have come from a jealous ex partner or a fellow employee to halt competition career advancement. An accusation that when made falsely, has almost the same consequences as if it had really happened. Even if innocent of the crime itself, the reputational effects last a lifetime & others may still doubt your innocence. A study in 2010 showed that over the past 20 years, only 2-10% of rape accusations are proven to be fake. But what if there was a way to show your innocence? Dispelling any doubt from peoples minds that you did not do anything. If you haven't done the crime, an EyeDetect lie detector test administered by us can give you the proof you need that you are innocent and have been falsely accused. Instantly repairing your reputation and the ability to rebuild your life and move on.


Have you been accused of stealing from your place of work, friend or family member? Is there suspicion in peoples minds that you may be a thief? Often a common thief will disperse attention from themselves as the criminal by pointing the finger at someone else, bringing their reputation and integrity into question. Has this happened to you? If you are innocent you can get the proof you need to show people it wasn't you and repair your reputation of integrity instantly. An EyeDetect lie detector test for theft or fraud administered by us in West Yorkshire or surrounding areas can allow you to rebuild your life.


  • 5 times faster than a polygraph test

  • Non bribable & no bias

  • Non invasive

  • Automatic fast results

Read more on our What is EyeDetect page.


  • Fixed fee – Cheaper than a Polygraph.

  • Same day tests are available.

  • Tests are available at your home or work locations.

  • No intrusive wires cables or ties.

  • 30-45 average test time.

  • Instant results. You will receive the results of the test within 5-10 minutes of the test.

  • No human error, no human bias, no mistakes.

  • The Eye Detect system does not rely on an examiners interpretation of data, it sends the data through a series of algorithms which have been used and adapted by scientists for over a decade giving faster, unbiased and accurate results.


In any case, it is always better to know the truth. Deception, lies and false accusations can bring so much stress to our lives and in some cases, totally ruin someone's reputation, career or relationship. We can provide you the results you need in 30 minutes, at a location convenient to you with no invasive cables or monitors attached to the participant. They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul, that is why the revolutionary technology we employ is used by government agencies in immigration and integrity screening. There is no faster or more cost effective way to administer lie detector testing and the EyeDetect system is the most advanced deception detection method of our time. We utilise this advanced technology by bringing it into the private sector to assist all people from infidelity accusations to employee integrity screening for small and large businesses. From our home location in West Yorkshire, we provide affordable & fast lie detector testing to Leeds, Halifax, Bradford, Huddersfield & Wakefield. We are able to provide our service to all of Yorkshire and surrounding areas such as Harrogate, Manchester, Liverpool & Newcastle. We will come to you, simple and stress free.



Field studies show that EyeDetect has an accuracy range of 88 to 90%, depending on the test administered.


Incorruptible & Unbiased

Participants are tested by computer. The test administrator cannot alter test results. Test data is encrypted and tamper-proof.


Fast results

Tests take 15 to 30 minutes and reports are ready in less than 5. Reports include a credibility score and details showing participants’ responses to questions.


Flexible & Simple

We will travel to your home or office. The participant follows on screen instructions. A practice session helps to get comfortable with the test.